WARNING: Any operator found skipping following images will be banned and no payment will be made, following images are MUST to be typed as follows:

Online Data Entry Jobs

General Information

If you want to get an admin panel with us, then Click Here to read the rules. Then send an email to gurucaptcha@gmail.com with all information demanded in the rules.
1ALL IMAGES ARE CASE-SENSITIVE. Use capital and small (both cases) as shown in image. No payment will be made and Admin Account will be suspended if you do not respect the capital and small cases
2Use question mark (?) if and only if the image is completely not readable. If a part of image is readable then input the readable part and DO NOT use question mark (?).
3Every Operator needs to give at least 7 hours login time in a week or account will be suspended.
4Any Operator Candidate goes below 80% accuracy will be suspended.
5Payments twice a week
6Any abuse or violation will be dealt with strict hands and no payment will be made.


There are 4 shifts available to work and each shift has its exclusive rate

Data is tracked according to Indian Standard Time
Note: We will only pay for correct solutions and according to Indian Standard Time.
Note: We can consider better rates for the admins who have more than 100 operators + 200K+ captchas per day capacity.